How the hell did I get here?

This journey started for me the way it started for many of my clients.  

I was experiencing a lot of success--and I was truly unhappy.

After graduating from Chicago Booth in 2014, I joined a business partner to launch a restaurant concept in Chicago.

We opened four locations in three years, grew the business 10x, and hired over 40 employees.

I got engaged to an amazing woman. We bought and moved into a house with our puppy, Islay.

My life was full of friends and family and a cool job. And I wasn't happy.  I kept looking for more.

I added volunteer work and a new workout regimen.  I tried starting a blog and launching several social media profiles.

I tried to do more and more and more and more and more.

None of it was making me feel any more satisfied, joyful, or worthy of the life that I was living.

So, I got serious about better understanding what was holding me back.  What was making me struggle.

I was surprised to learn that it was me.

I spent too much time being preoccupied with what I didn't have.

I held and expressed no gratitude for the wonderful things I had in my life.

I feared the future rather than welcoming what amazing possibilities it could hold.

So, on a prayer, I left my job to figure things out.

The journey was not linear.

I fucked up more times than I can count. My wife can verify that. 

But, now, I just feel happy.

I love my life and my work and my family and my friends.

I accomplished more meaningful, more challenging goals this year: I published my first book and completed an Ironman.

I have been able to help alleviate people of their shame, guilt, and frustration about life.

How can I help you? 

What's holding you back from finding out?